Event & corporate photography

With a background in documentary photojournalism I’m used to being the fly on the wall that captures events. Now based in London, I offer my services as photographer to a variety of businesses, charities, and individuals.

The event organiser is normally the most busy, most stressed person at any event, and they are also often the one responsible for sorting out the photography. I try to make that part of things as easy as possible. I’ll make sure we have an agreed *shoot list* in advance of the event, so they know what I am photographing and when. That way, they needn’t worry about me when the big day comes.


Highlighting speakers

Guest speaker Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prizewinning psychologist, pictured with event co-host Yuan Yang. The charity’s name (Rethinking Economics) is deliberately prominent in this image.

For many of my clients, the presence of a keynote speaker or special guest is a major feature of their event. It’s important to photograph this individual in a variety of lights, so that the client can select an image fit for purpose. For example, a charity might wish to have an image of their guest with a welcoming smile for use in their upbeat newsletter, while an image of the same guest gesturing impressively might be more useful for the organisation’s annual impact report.


Capturing the event atmosphere

Event photography should show how it felt to be there. As well as getting the big names, I make an effect to capture the quiet moments and their subtleties.

People relax when they are in conversation and often look their best. During breaks I’ll be sneaking around taking images quietly. The photos from these moments are very useful because their use often far outlives the particular event. They’ll find their way into annual reports, mission statements, or anything that could be spruced up with some smiling faces.


Informal staff portraits

I provide business and charity clients with smart, friendly portraits suitable for websites, brochures and LinkedIn. Prices are settled informally before a shoot and are based on the client’s needs and location.

I will often use event photography as an opportunity to help a client with other needs such as staff portraits and team photos. I charge for this at my standard event photography rate (calculated hourly), making this a very affordable way to get essential images.

London event and corporate photography: Client review

Josh has done photography for two charities I am connected to – one that I work for and another that I am a trustee of. Both times, Josh was very attentive in ensuring he obtained the photographs I was hoping to secure from each event, and he always checked with me before and throughout the events, that we got every possible necessary shot. Josh is incredibly warm, kind, friendly and sweet, and he built a great rapport with the guests who came to both events.
Josh just got on with the job both times, working independently but also guiding guests if necessary, and the finished products were amazing! Josh takes truly amazing photography, and his talent, coupled with his lovely personality makes him a great photographer. I would recommend Josh to everyone!
Posted by Charlotte Rachel Gerada

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